Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
Are you wondering when to start saving for retirement? NOW

Time goes by fast and before you know it you are staring retirement in the face. You can’t depend on Social Security and pensions to bankroll your future. That’s why you need to build your personal savings with an IRA at your Credit Union.

But I already have an IRA at two other banks!
Now’s the time to consolidate those various IRA accounts you have into one high interest account at the Credit Union. It’s easy, we can do all the paperwork and have the monies transferred directly from the other organization into the Credit Union.

When I changed jobs…
I received a payout from my company’s pension plan. I was tempted to just spend it, but when I found out about the taxes and penalties, I knew the best choice was to put the money into an IRA at the Credit Union. SMART CHOICE

An IRA is a sound way to save for retirement.  It lets you accumulate savings with tax-deferred compounding of contributions, to supplement your pension and social security benefits when you retire.  You can think of 100 reasons why you can’t start an IRA today…reasons that will seem not very important when you retire and find it tough to keep ahead of the bills.

One simple application and $500 will get you started.