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If you are a full time federal employee working in the 085XX or 086XX zip code areas contact us to become a member-owner of the credit union.

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Who Can Join?

More good news…. spouses and children living at home may join the credit union.
Also, parents, children no longer living at home and other members of your family may now be eligible to join!

The Postal Employees Credit Union has a field of membership limited to those having the following common bond as approved under our state charter:

  • All federal employees who work in the zip code areas of 085xx and 086xx.
  • The spouse of a qualified member.
  • All staff members of the credit union.
  • Children of a qualified member or the member’s spouse
  • Parents of a qualified member or the member’s spouse

Membership shall not cease due to the relocation, retirement, resignation or any other circumstance that affects the original qualification for membership. The credit union adopts the “Once a member, always a member” philosophy.

A spouse may have an account in his or her own right and/or have a joint account with the qualified member. Upon acceptance of a spouse into the membership, the spouse has all the benefits of full membership. Membership of the spouse will not cease upon death or divorce from the sponsoring member.