About Postal Employees CU

Our Mission

The Postal Employees’ Credit Union is dedicated to the service of it’s membership in an efficient, economical and prudent manner.  Our members are our most valued asset and we will strive to have each member grow financially by providing superior products and services they may need or want to reach their particular goals and objectives.

Our History

On May 16, 1928 at 1:30 pm at Trenton, New Jersey, the Postal Employees’ Credit Union received its certificated of incorporation.  The trustees of said corporations are seven in number and the names of the trustees for the first year were:

  • C. F. Reed
  • Wesley Evans
  • Walter A. Lee
  • J. Herbert Fisher
  • George F Ammann
  • Thomas MacQueen
  • Walter D. Blatchford

That was the beginning of a long journey to success.  Over 70 years later the credit union is alive and prospering as the oldest independent credit union in the state of New Jersey.